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Keyboard Wrist Rests

If you work in an office, or any job that requires long hours on a desktop computer , trivial things like posture and wrist position can be very important. Over extended periods, bad posture and lots of typing can create lots of problems with muscles and tendons. They can also negatively affect the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. In the worst cases, these can lead to conditions that can gravely and permanently affect your well being. Keyboard wrist rests are a common preventative measure against the risks outlined above, so it's important to make a considered choice.

Regarding the filler material, it is useful to look at keyboard wrist rests in terms of the kind of user you are. For the casual user, gel is best if you are not going to be on the computer for more than a few hours at a time. Gaming gel wrist rests are best suited for mechanical and gaming keyboards . For longer term and more intensive use at work, foam is the best filler, as it has more 'give' and provides the best ergonomic safeguards. The more expensive wrist rests use memory foam, as used in mattresses, which moulds precisely to the contours of your wrist.

Other factors to bear in mind include; whether the wrist rest maintains a constant temperature rather than heating up, how easy it is to clean and its length. Does it run the length of the computer keyboard ? It is recommendable that it does for natural positioning of your wrists, rather than them being in a cramped position and too close together. Two final factors to consider are having a non-skid backing, which is advisable to stop the keyboard wrist pad from from sliding around on the work surface. Furthermore, thickness is important as well. Too thin and it isn't providing the suitable support. Too thick and it impairs your freedom of movement.

So, when choosing a keyboard wrist rest, take into account all the above factors in order to make the wisest choice for your own well being when using your keyboard.

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