Get Your Children Engaged with a Kids' Android Tablet

A kids' Android tablet can be a cost-effective way to offer hours of entertainment to children. With a wide variety of games and apps available on Google Play, it can also be an incredible educational tool to engage children in learning through games. Choose from a selection of new and used kids' Android tablets on eBay.

Are parental controls available on a kids' tablet?

Google Play has built-in parental controls to help you control your expenses by preventing your child from making purchases by themselves. You may also want to prevent your children from accessing certain types of content on the internet to protect them. To enable parental controls:

  • Open the Google Play app and click on the ‘Menu’ button, then navigate to ’Settings’ and click on ‘Parental Controls’.
  • Once you have reached the parental controls menu, you can turn parental controls to ‘On’.
  • Create a secure PIN that is different from your device’s unlocking PIN so your child cannot disable parental controls.
  • Choose the type of content you would like to filter and how the filter restricts access to those types of content.
  • Save your settings and close parental controls, to prevent your child from altering them.
How kid-proof are tablets?

Although a number of tablets that are designed for kids come in a thick protective shell with shatterproof glass to protect them from drops and scratches, you can also convert a regular Android tablet. Choose a case that has bright colours to make it easy to find in a bag, thick and soft edges to make it easy to hold, and rounded corners to prevent injury. In addition to a case, you might also think about getting a screen protector to prevent the glass screen from shattering. You can find a wide range of cases and screen protectors for Android tablets of all sizes on eBay's online marketplace.

How much educational content is available?

Apart from the popular downloadable educational apps available on the Google Play store, it can also play educational videos. If you run out of downloaded content the tablet can also access the internet to stream content. There are plenty of free or freemium apps available online so you can engage a child by downloading new apps.

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