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Drive Into the Future With Kids' Ride-On Electric Cars

If you enjoyed a kid-sized car when you were a child, you’ll be amazed at all the affordable electric vehicles for children that you can find on eBay. Whether you want one for your collection or have a special child in mind who wants one, you’ll find a wide array of new and used vehicles available.

What different types of kid’s electric cars are available?

Children’s electric cars come in many styles and types, including:

  • Sports cars, lorries, and SUVs, many of them top-of-the-line name brands
  • Go-karts and ATV-styled rugged cars
  • Tractors, some with a removable digger, and tipping dumper lorrys
  • Motorbikes with throttle accelerators and hand guards
  • Camper vans and detachable trailers
Choosing the right affordable child-sised electric car

Whether you're buying one for yourself or a child, here’s more information about electric vehicles for kids. Many come with high traction wheels. These provide a good grip on grass, gravel, dirt, or pavement. Seat belts come with nearly all models to install good habits early. Two- or four-wheel drive is offered on vehicles including lorrys and SUV-styled cars. Pick your child’s model with one, two, or three speeds available. A parent’s remote control comes with many toy vehicles. This gives you control over the vehicle’s speed, bringing it to a stop, and teaching your child acceptable boundaries.

Sit-on, sit-in, or stand-up seat styles accommodate your child’s needs. Kids' electric cars have manual or automatic brakes for a smooth stop. Soft-start models avoid the initial jolt when your child first applies power. Certain models have suspension for a comfortable ride. Battery-powered electric models run off a 6- or 12-volt battery, and some have two batteries for additional power. Your child might be ready for a model that not only accelerates and turns right and left but also goes into reverse.

Your child operates their electric car by using an accelerator pedal and a steering wheel. A sibling or a friend can ride along in two-seater types. Working doors are a feature. Upscale models have a keyed ignition switch with a matching key, forward and reverse gear sticks, and alloy wheels. Certain models are painted with real car paint for a look that’s quite realistic. Police cars or motorcycles and firefighter trucks are available for the child who dreams of working in one of those fields someday.

What accessories come with different new or used electric cars for kids?

Many features enjoyed by adults are found in a child’s electric vehicle, such as:

  • Front and rear lights, up to four floodlights on some lorrys, and dashboard lights
  • Real horns and sounds made by cars, lorrys, motorbikes, and tractors
  • Personalised number plates
  • Leather seats and working seat belts
  • FM radio and MP3 player input with built-in speakers