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What should you look for in an adult raincoat?What should you look for in a children's raincoat? Why are all in ones preferable for young children?

Prepare for Inclement Weather with a Waterproof All In One Rain Suit

Protect you and your children from top to toe with one convenient piece of clothing that won't ride up or slip down as you enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're in need of serious protection for extended use, want a bit of relief on the daily commute to school or work, or just need something simple on hand for occasional puddle-jumping, eBay has an all in one rain suit to fit your needs. There's lots of variety in rain wear, and it's important to make a purchase that suits your individual requirements and gives you an optimal experience out in the rain.

The key features of the perfect raincoat depend on its intended use. If you want something to wear while motorcycling, a waterproof, all in one adult's rain suit is a great option. You'll want full protection from rain and wind, and breathability will be less of a concern. If you're looking for something to wear hiking, you'll want to pay more attention to breathable materials and functional zippers.

If you want something to protect your children between the bus stop and the school, a children's waterproof pac a mac might be a good option. Your child won't be out in the elements for very long, and the lightweight jacket can be stuffed into a school bag so it doesn't get lost. If you're having trouble convincing your child to wear the proper outdoor clothing, a girl's or boy's waterproof jacket with animal ears on the hood might entice them into compliance.

All in one outerwear is very convenient for young children for a number of reasons. Here are a few benefits to the design:

  • Waterproof all in one baby rain suits will stay in place in the pram and in your arms, and you won't have to worry about fumbling with jackets that ride up your baby's back, or trousers that slip down around nappies.
  • Toddler waterproof fleece-lined all in one rain suits provide some extra warmth and comfort for young children who aren't fit enough to work up a sweat and are more effective than blankets, which would get wet in the rain.
  • With only one piece of fabric (and booties and mittens often attached) there's less to keep track of and less to lose.

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