Kitchen Units and Sets

When looking to replace your kitchen units and sets, you should think practically as well as aesthetically. Always remember that it is important to have enough storage space, not just for your pots, pans and other accessories, but also for your tea towels and cookery books.

Remember that neutral colours tend to stand the test of time rather than bold colours. You could consider brighter colours for your walls or splash backs, which are easier and cheaper to replace than entire kitchen units and sets. Even the style of handles can have a huge impact on your kitchen, especially if you go handle-less.


Laminates are ideal as cost-effective worktops, especially as you can find a huge variety of styles, including wood-effective which tend to be a fraction of the cost of the real thing, although they don't have any resistance to heat. Granite worktops are the most popular and remain looking as good as new for years to come, although other materials such as quartz are great alternatives.


Your kitchen units and sets need to complement all the other finishes in the kitchen including the wall colour and flooring. You can find a huge choice of colours and a variety of finishes allowing you to combine the different elements of your decorative scheme.

For a contemporary look, choose less detail in the kitchen units and sets, glass doors and integrated handles are easy to clean and provide a modern, stylish look. For a more traditional style, kitchen units and sets with groove side panels and mouldings provide a more country house look.

It is of utmost importance to check that the kitchen units you choose will fit. You may also find that you have not considered other features including kitchen unit end panels, corner units with rotating shelves and other features that may affect your design. The height of the kitchen units will dictate the top level of those on the wall; extra high units can be useful for providing more storage, particularly useful if you have a small kitchen.