Klickfast Docks, Radio Cases, and Harnesses for fast Access to Vital Equipment.

Klickfast is an ingenious carry system that lets the user mount devices and equipment to clothing, belts, helmet Picatinny rails, vehicle dashboards, lockers, and many other surfaces. Mounted devices must be fully inverted before they can be released from their Klickfast dock, this makes Klickfast a very secure carry system. You can find a wide range of Klickfast products at great prices on eBay.

Are Klickfast TETRA and DMR cases waterproof?

Whilst Klickfast leather radio cases do provide some measure of protection against rain, they are not fully waterproof. If your electronic device may be exposed to extreme weather conditions, consider investing in a Klickfast Aquapack. Aquapacks are available in three sizes and are supplied with either a lanyard or a Klickfast connector.

How does the Klickfast dock ratchet system work?

Klickfast docks feature a built-in ratchet system that allows you to position the attached device to any one of seven positions. The built-in ratchet will hold your device in the selected position. This allows ergonomic positioning for fast access to vital self-defence equipment, and bulky items to be positioned more comfortably in a manner that does not excessively limit body movement.

How does Klickfast provide such a wide range of mounting options?

Different docks are available to facilitate different mounting options. Some of the most popular docks include:

  • Dock versions 1, 2, 3, and 7 are belt mount docks each suited to different belt widths.
  • Dock version 04 is an adhesive backed dock that can be mounted on vehicle dashboards or any smooth surface.
  • Dock version 05BL is a belt mount dock that sits level with the belt.
  • Dock version 05BLDROP is a belt mount dock that sits 5cm below the belt.
  • Dock version 06 is a garment dock that can be stitched in place.
  • Dock version 08 is a circular screw mount dock that can be mounted on any garment including body armour.
  • Dock version HBARMOUNT can be attached to handlebars.
  • Dock version RSMTAG allows devices to be tag mounted.
  • Helmetpic docks can be attached to your helmets Picatinny rails.
  • Dock magnet kits allow docks to be mounted on clothing and body armour magnetically, the kits are available to suit metric or imperial magnets.
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