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Kodak Camera Lens Filters

Enabling you to alter the imagery of the photo you're taking, Kodak camera lens filters should fit both a Kodak and other branded cameras. Either way, the lenses and shutters for most types of camera are based on standard sizes.

Benefits of a lens filter

Lens filters are used for creating particular types of effects for your photographs. They work by altering the quantity of light that gets into the lens or by changing the quality of the light. This in turn acts on the shutter and the imaging mechanism to change the light and other effects of the finished picture. This works for both photographic film in older cameras or digitally for more recent models.

Coloured filter lenses

Coloured filter lenses will add a different shade to the picture you're taking. Yellow filters, for instance, will potentially make your images look sunnier. Green or brown filters can add an old fashioned or other worldly effect. While blue filters might make the images appear as though they were taken at a different time of day from when they were really taken.

Polarising filters

Filters that change the type of light that gets in through the lens include polarising filters , which affect the shape of the light as it comes into the camera. This enables you to get rid of unwanted reflections from windows or the surface of water. These type of filters can also be useful for blocking out overly bright sunlight, allowing you to take a good quality image at all times.

Kodak brand

Kodak is the more common name for the Eastman Kodak Company, which was founded in America in the 1880s. Over the years, Kodak developed a worldwide reputation for the manufacture and sale of photographic and imaging equipment, including their famous photographic film and camera devices.

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