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Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras

Kodak EasyShare Camera

Designed by a company that specialises in well priced cameras with over a centurys worth of experience, capture all your special moments with family and friends with a Kodak EasyShare camera.

The Kodak EasyShare camera is perfect for todays generation. A safe, reliable and trustworthy camera, which can easily snap and share beautiful quality pictures in an instant. Developing startling imagery that is pleasing on the eye, this camera can film in HD video, perfect for capturing all the wonderful colours of the world.

Key features

Easy to pick up and use right away, with good quality pictures and plenty of detail, the Kodak EasyShare camera is very user friendly with multiple film effects and scene modes including auto, portrait, sports and landscapes.

The EasyShare range boasts a multitude of features. A three inch screen with clear contrast and detail allows you to admire your handiwork immediately, while opting for the 14 megapixels, 5x camera lens will help you capture beautiful photographs, especially if you choose a model with a 10-50cm macro focus range.

Kodak digital cameras stabilise when taking shaky pictures and will automatically adjust to the surroundings, helping you catch that all important shot.

It can easily connect to your PC or laptop with the USB socket and HDMI cable so that you can transfer your pictures straight to social media. Some models come with a printer dock that also charges the Kodak camera batteries at the same time. With easily accessible printing options, you can keep your family and friends entertained for many years to come.

If youre looking for a stylish camera that is ideal for travelling the world or exploring your inner self, the Kodak EasyShare could be the one for you. With just a click of a button you can have professional quality pictures you will cherish forever.