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Got one to sell?

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Kodak Vintage Instant Cameras

Recently having seen a resurgence in popularity, Kodak vintage instant cameras are a huge hit amongst photographer both young and old of all abilities.

Instant film cameras

If you want to produce a physical copy of a photograph almost immediately, then instant film cameras are exactly what you are looking for. It takes several minutes to a few hours to appear fully on the polaroid, so you can't see if you got the right shot straight away. It's also not possible to move or duplicate the image to another medium, so care must be taken to ensure any of the photographs are not damaged or lost.

Vintage cameras

Buying a vintage camera , especially an instant camera, can be difficult because they are powered by the film cartridge. This means that a camera cannot work without film in it. Many types of vintage film also have an expiry date, after which photographs will not appear as they should. Vintage cameras offer retro and old fashioned imagery as well as nostalgia to those old enough to remember these cameras in their infancy.

Advantages of vintage cameras

In a world full of HD photos, instant publication and social media sharing, it can be difficult to understand why vintage cameras hold their appeal. Apart from the nostalgia and increased interaction between the camera and photographer, vintage cameras and physical copies also ensure enhanced security.

The image cannot be stolen remotely via the cloud or altered digitally against your will, meaning that the photo is your property and your property only. Many people appreciate this extra sense of security, especially with personal photos of you or your family.

Choosing an instant film camera

Choosing the exact model of Kodak instant film camera that you desire mostly boils down to personal preference in terms of colour and style. For most amateurs this is enough. More experienced photographers may want to view the specifications of each model to find their ideal Kodak vintage instant camera.

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