Get Around Efficiently With Kymco Motorcycles and Scooters

Kymco has been producing motorcycles and scooters since the 1960s. If you want an efficient fuel economy and a safe and comfortable ride, these vehicles are just the ticket. You can find affordable pre-owned Kymco motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs for sale on eBay to serve all your commuter needs.

Available models of inexpensive Kymco motorcycles

Kymco makes several types of motorcycles. These are some of their available models of motorcycles:

  • K-Pipe 125: The K-Pipe 125 scooter has a 123.7cc SOHC four-stroke engine and a semi-automatic transmission with assisted gear shifting. It has adjustable shocks, large wheels, and 17-inch sport-styled matte black rims. The K-Pipe is available in silver black and bright silver trims. It gets 98 miles per gallon.
  • K-Pipe 125 Limited Edition: The K-Pipe Limited Edition has the same specifications as the K-Pipe but with Limited Edition graphics.
  • Spade 150i: The Spade 150 is a 149.4cc SOHC, four-stroke, four-valve, single-cylinder five-speed street motorcycle with a retro design. It features a low seat height, 12-inch sport-styled aluminium wheels, a compact rear fender storage compartment, adjustable dual shocks, and fold-out passenger footpegs. It receives an estimated 94 miles per gallon and is available in bright silver and white colours.
  • Spade 150i Limited Edition: The Spade 150i Limited Edition has the same specifications as the Spade 150i but with Limited Edition graphics.
Available models of new and used Kymco scooters

Kymco makes many different models of scooters. These are some of the available scooters you will often see listed for sale on eBay:

  • Agility 50: The Agility 50 is a SOHC four-stroke, two-valve single-cylinder scooter that gets 102 miles to the gallon. It has a flip-up backrest that can also serve as a passenger seat. Other features include a baggage hook, luggage carrier, and helmet locking post.
  • Super 8 150X: This large capacity multi-purpose scooter has a SOHC four-stroke, two-valve single-cylinder engine and gets 66 miles to the gallon. It has heavy-duty shrouds, naked handlebars, helmet-locking posts, a baggage hook, a luggage carrier, and a flip-up backrest that doubles as a passenger seat. The Super 8 150x is available in flat orange and flat black.
  • X-Town 30: The X-Town 30 is a sport touring scooter that can handle highways and city streets equally well. It receives 65 miles per gallon, has ABS brakes, adjustable brake levers, dual adjustable rear shocks, integrated turn signals in the mirrors, a large under-seat storage area with LED lighting, and space for additional storage.
What colours are Kymco scooters and motorcycles available in?

Kymco has motorcycles and scooters that are available in many different colours. There are more colour choices for their scooters. These are some of the colour choices you will see Kymco scooters and motorcycles listed for on eBay: black, blue, green, grey, orange, red, silver, and white.