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LCD Screen for HTC Wildfire

With their extensive experience producing high end phones, the LCD screen for HTC wildfire will not disappoint. HTC have been amongst the mobile industry's leading developers for over a decade and are experts in developing a variety of phones screens.

The reasons to replace

From time to time it may be necessary to replace your HTC smartphone's screen. This may be because the phone has been dropped and the screen has cracked, an all too common occurrence, and the cracked screen becomes difficult to read through.

Although the crack itself may be in a seemingly inconspicuous place, it is still recommended to replace the screen, as the crack could worsen over time and liquids and other substances may seep through the screen into the internal workings of the phone itself, leading to damage.

How to replace your phone's screen

Unlike simply swapping out a removable battery, replacing your phone's screen can be a tricky task, therefore we recommend following the below steps to get your HTC Wildfire back up and running with your brand new screen.

Firstly, remove the back cover, battery, memory and SIM card of your phone and remove the six screws located around the frame of the phone.

You will then need to remove the battery compartment itself. The easiest way of doing this is to use a thin card, such as a credit card, and slotting it between the compartment and screen and remove the battery compartment.

Remove the two screws, one located at the top of the phone and other at the bottom. You will also see a yellow cable at the bottom of the phone and two more along the right hand side, which should also be removed. Once you've done this, you will be able to remove the circuit board.

Next, peel the ribbon cable back from the LCD phone screen and again using a thin plastic card, slide it underneath the bottom of the screen, which will then pop out. You can then insert your new screen and simply work backwards to reassemble the phone back together.

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