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Keep the Dance Floor Alive with LED Disco Lights

Create excitement and boost the mood with LED disco lights from eBay. Available at a wide range of price points to suit every budget, LED disco lights are sure to make a party go with a swing.

Why choose LED disco lights?

There are a number of reasons to use an LED setup. These include:

  • A broad RGB spectrum offering a vast range of colours.
  • Low heat output, making them safer over longer periods and in crowded spaces.
  • Lightweight, so very portable.
  • Low power consumption, making them more efficient to run off a generator for outdoor events.
What types of LED disco light fixtures are available?

Also known as LED Effects, these LED disco lights can be pre-programmed to turn on and off to create specific patterns. Either with one single LED, or a range of LEDs for more advanced effects, the most commonly used are:

  • Mirror Balls: The traditional disco accessory, these use an LED mirror ball emulator to create the dazzling effect of reflecting light from the ceiling.
  • Wash Light: Gently fills the floor with blended colour.
  • Spotlight: Can be used to focus on one specific area.
  • Strobe: Creates a distinctive and intense flash of light on the stage, dance floor, or the DJ deck.
  • Par Can: Exceptionally versatile, these can change colour at the flick of a switch. Also available with auto, sound active, RGB and master/slave operation modes.
  • Gobo Lights: Scanners project defined patterns or images on the stage or through the room.
  • Sound Activated: These lights respond to the beat and rhythm of the music, offering a fully immersive experience.
How do you install LED disco lights?

LED disco lights can be used as floor models on a simple kick stand, on a single bar stand, or fixed in ranks to a collapsible rig that allows full flexibility for volume, effects, and control. They can also be mounted on moving rails in bigger venues. Each type of LED disco lights may have a slightly different set-up procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions before use.

How do you control LED disco lights?

Although simple remotes and in-built manual controls are available on many models, the most commonly used controller for LED lighting is the DMX512. It allows digital control of 152 channels through 1 data cable, offering the most flexibility when using multiple effects units.

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