Lee Neutral Density Camera Lens Filters

Since 1978, Lee Filters have had a reputation in developing lens filters of the highest quality that have been both ideal for amateur and professional photographers around of the world. Camera filters are useful accessories to photographers of all abilities because they allow you to subtly alter an image in the way you desire. By attaching the Lee neutral density camera lens filters to your camera, you can completely change the look and feel of a photograph to increase quality and style to a picture.

The Lee neutral density filter is built with special plastic that is coated evenly across the filter, which really helps to have longer shutter speeds and reduce the quantity of light. There are hundreds of filters to choose from, such as graduated to standard form, these resin filters are very lightweight and easy to handle plus they all come with a cleaning cloth to wipe away potential dirt.

Different filters to choose from

One of the most popular filters is 'The Big Stopper' which makes it possible to increase the exposure time to a couple of minutes. The effect of this lens filter is considered dramatic and artistic. They are used by photographers to balance the exposure of light within a scene and therefore controlling any potential glares from sun, sea, glass or any reflective materials that are in your shot.

There is a wide range of filters to choose from such as a range of polyester filters that are ideal for reducing reflections from glass and water, or some that have been especially made from glass so that they are better suited for capturing sunsets and sun rises. These filters are ideal for the professional photographers looking for a specific effect on their shots or an amateur looking to gain some new experience in the world of photography.