Efficient LGA 1366/socket B motherboards

A computer motherboard is the primary component of a PC. The motherboard ensures the operation of the computer in question and it also connects all of the external components. The motherboard you choose will depend on the size of computer you have, the external devices you plan on connecting and even the use of the PC as well. In this range, you'll find LGA 1366/socket B motherboards so you can pick up the right computer components and parts for all your projects. 

SA Slots

The SA slot on a motherboard is known as being the oldest expansion slot in history. They are commonly found in AT boards and they are identified by the black colour that they have and they also have room for sound cards and display cards. They are 16 bit and are commonly found in older LGA motherboards. 

PCI Slots

The PCI slot is otherwise known as being the peripheral component interconnection. This slot is one of the most important features of the motherboard and it is often used to install any additional external hardware. The PCI addition often has the ability to support 64-bit speeds and it also has an incredible response time. 

PCI Express

PCI Express is another well-known feature. It is the latest and therefore the fastest component available. Motherboards that come with this connection tend to support duplex serial bus and are some of the most advanced. PCI Express components are often installed on motherboards that are intended for gaming or high-end use. 

AGP Slot

AGP slots are designed to hold the graphics card. The AGP slot is designed specifically to install newer cards and it has the ability to run at 32-bit. This feature is designed for high-end gaming and therefore is often installed on the higher-end motherboards. It is more than possible to upgrade a motherboard with an AGP slot if it does not come with one, ensuring that the other components are able to maintain the speed.