Finding the Right LGA 2011 Motherboard for You

The LGA 2011, or Socket R, is a CPU made by Intel. Also called a motherboard, it attaches to the underside of the processor and can easily be replaced. With specialized prongs, it plugs into and out of the unit like an outlet.

Are Intel Socket R motherboards for sale by other brands?

Yes. The LGA 2011 motherboard, short for FCLGA, meaning Flip-Chip Land Grid Array, is a type of motherboard for sale on eBay. Even though Intel designed the Socket R, it is available by other companies. MSI and Supermicro are two such companies.

Other FCLGA 2011 motherboard Socket Rs compatible with the LGA 2011 and its 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 CPU family exist. Here is a list of other companies that make motherboards compatible with the LGA 2011:

  • ASRock
  • ASUS
  • Dell
  • HP
In which condition is a Socket R motherboard sold on eBay?

The LGA 2011 is sold in new, used, and manufacturer-refurbished conditions. Sometimes called a Dual 2011 Socket R, LGA 2011s are also sold as "user-refurbished" or "seller-refurbished."

What does manufacturer-refurbished mean?

Though there are no officially stated criteria when it comes to a manufacturer-refurbished product, some companies provide a Certificate of Authenticity. Manufacturers put the part through a rigorous rebuild and repair process before reselling. In general, the following scenarios created the refurbished condition:

  • A new or used Dual 2011 that was slightly damaged by the user and returned, and then repaired for resale.
  • A new Socket R that was returned after purchase for exchange or return and then resold.
  • A new LGA 2011 returned for a defect under warranty and repaired.
  • An LGA 2011 that was used as a store demo.
  • A Socket R that received cosmetic damage during shipping, and then repaired and resold.
Optional motherboard form factors sold on eBay

Whether you are custom building a computer or repairing an existing machine, you will know a motherboard is essentially a piece of equipment that connects all the computer's components. It is like your PC's grand central station full of slots and ports that components can plug into.

An LGA 2011 motherboard or dual LGA 2011 motherboard can be purchased in a couple of different form factors. First is the ATX, and the second is the SSI. Both are standard motherboards. The ATX stands for Advanced Technology Extended motherboard. The other, SSI, stands for Server System Infrastructure. The latter is available in two types on eBay. CEB, which means Compact Electronics Bay and EEB, Enterprise Electronics Bay. So the options for SSI are SSI CEB or SSI EEB.