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Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers for ASUS

Over time your Asus laptop power adapter and charger can fall victim to wear and tear or loss. A laptop without charge is of no use to anyone, so invest in a spare laptop power adapter and charger to save yourself this hassle. Obviously, genuine Asus chargers will be preferred and you know will work well and be compatible. However, a vast number of generic and universal chargers are available, just check the voltage to save any unwanted mishaps.

Nationality of the charger

If you are a frequent traveller and are forever losing socket converters, you can opt for European or American adapters and chargers. However, if you are buying for home use do make sure you are buying a three pronged UK adapter.

Power Adapter and Charger sections

There are different types of electrical power use. Laptops, as well as cell phones and portable DVD players, use DC (Direct Current) power. Most wall sockets use AC (Alternating Current) and this means that between leaving the wall and entering the laptop battery, the power needs to be adapted. This is the job of the power adapter. Generic plugs can usually fit the adapter if they have the relevant input.

The actual charger section is different, and is the cord which is designed for your particular device. It will make sure only the right amount of power goes into the right place safely and securely, so if this piece appears damaged, its definitely recommended you buy a replacement.

Generic chargers

A charger doesnt need to have the Asus logo for it to work with your laptop, in fact the majority of chargers available are made by third party companies. As long as the voltage produced doesnt exceed, or isnt below what is required of your laptop and the port is compatible, then you can charge your laptop with any charger . The voltage required can be found in your user manual or on the bottom of your laptop.

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