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Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers for Dell

Laptop Power Adaptors and Chargers for Dell

Laptop power adaptors and chargers for Dell laptops are accessories that you cant do without. Chargers keep your laptops batteries fully topped up by providing power from an AC/DC adaptor , allowing you to use your computer anywhere. If the batteries are already charged, they provide your machine with steady mains power without drawing on the batteries.

Most companies like Dell produce charger/adaptors for all of their laptops and are available to purchase separately. So whether you are looking for a replacement for your old adaptor/charger, or you want a spare in case of an emergency, youll find a suitable model for your Dell laptop here.

Safety First

Remember that different models of laptop may require different adaptor and charger. The wattage for a laptop can vary, from 40w to 90w plus, even from the same manufacturer. The wrong type may damage your computers o check your laptops documentation for the correct model numbers before buying.

Some adaptors are advertised as Universal , meaning that they can power all types of laptop. However, even if an adaptor/charger says that it is universal, it is still a good idea to double-check its compatibility first.

Making the right connection

Another thing to check before buying a power adaptor/charger is the connector, which fits into the side of the laptop from the charger. There are several types of connector and several sizes, with barrel-shaped tip connectors being the most popular. However, these vary from model to model also therefore always check your laptops instruction booklet for the correct type of connector that your computer requires.

Universal models of adaptor/charger often come with a selection of connector tips to fit varying models of laptop. Once again, check before you buy as although the universal model may have several connector tips, none of them may fit!

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