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Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers for eMachines

There is a wide range of laptop power adapters and chargers for eMachines from many brands, therefore it is important to ensure you choose the right charger for your laptop .

Considerations for purchasing a power adapter or charger for eMachines

It is important to check that the power adapter or charger your are looking to purchase for your eMachine is compatible. You should therefore ensure the power supply unit (PSU) rating for your new charger is the same as it is for your current one. For example if your current charger is rated at 180watts this means your new charger should also be rated at 180watts.

Power adapters and chargers for eMachines typically feature protection against power surges which can damage both the adapter and your laptop. In addition, they also come with features to protect your laptop from voltage and current surges as well as short circuiting.

You should also check the charger's jack - which connects the charger to the laptop - is the right size for your laptop. When fitting your charger it should fit comfortably into the laptop's charging port and not come loose or fall out when you're using your laptop .

Know when to change your laptop's charger

You should replace your laptop power adapter or charger when you notice that it becomes less efficient at providing and sustaining the power to your laptop's battery. The laptop's battery should hold the charge it received from the charger. If it is unable to sustain holding this charger for more than a couple of hours this usually indicates that your charger is on its way out and needs replacing.

Beyond a weakness in sustaining your battery's charge, you should also replace your charger or adapter if you notice an damage along any part of the charger . If, for example, you notice exposed wiring along the cord, at minimum this may prevent the charge from traveling down the wire efficiently but could also prove dangerous if exposed to liquids or other substances which could cause a fire.

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