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Large Format Camera Cases, Bags and Covers

Large format cameras cases, bags and covers will ensure that you get all your equipment to the shoot in one piece. Large format cameras cases, bags and covers refer to cases designed for cameras sized 4 by 5 inches or larger. Large format cameras are usually used for professional filming and produce super high quality images. If you have a large format camera and large format camera equipment, make sure that the case is of adequate size. Some cases with compartmental storage may be specifically designed for certain cameras, so be sure to check the size guides with the vendor.

Soft camera cases

Soft cases are made from materials such as nylon, polyester, canvas, and leather. Soft cases are lightweight, easy to carry, and will protect your cameras from rain, dust, and bumps. These camera cases frequently come with hand straps and fittings so that they may be fitted to belts or backpacks. Some soft cases are fitted in the shape of a camera backpack . Water resistance varies between designs, so be sure to check first. Although soft cases are easy to transport and carry they are generally less durable than hard cases and offer less protection.

Hard camera cases

Hard camera cases are ideal for long haul storage and transportation. Large format hard camera cases are available in a range of materials including aluminium and hardened plastics. Cases will typically be lined with protective foam to ensure that your cameras are protected from bashes and bumps. Although hard cases are weighty and are generally quite hard to transport they are ideal for shipping cameras by air, or in the back of vehicles expecting to travel through rough terrain. Once more hard cases are water and dust resistant and can be used to keep your cameras safe and under lock when stored outside.

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