Ace Your Exams with Law Notes

Law notes can be a helpful source of information for law students, offering a supportive guide for essays and exams. Study notes are not just a resource for those in education, however, as they can also serve as a point of reference for legal professionals. You can find a wide range of study notes and other legal reference materials on eBay.

Are all law notes the same?

There are three separate legal systems within the UK, based on geographical location. You must be sure that, when buying law notes to aid in your studies, you have the correct guide for the system in which you wish to qualify. There is significant overlap in these systems, but the individual jurisdictions are:  

  • England and Wales.
  • Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland.

Are law notes a good gifting idea?

Students will always appreciate a helping hand with the cost of their study material, so gifting a specific set of law notes is a practical way to help them stretch their budget. If, however, you wanted to celebrate a law-associated life event, there are a range of old, out-of-print, and antique law books also available on eBay. If you wanted to buy a meaningful gift, you could search for specific categories, such as leather bound books, antique books, or the specific title if it has resonance to the recipient.

What different types of law notes are available? 

All ultimately offering notes and guides to the laws of a particular jurisdiction, there are a number of different options related to the specific law course being taken. These include:  

  • LLB: Bachelor of Laws is the undergraduate law degree that is the first vocational stage when training to become a legal practitioner.
  • LPC: Legal Practice Course, or Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, is the final educational stage before becoming a legal practitioner.
  • Books: Created on a per-subject theme, these can include criminal, employment, family, and immigration law.
  • Law Express: Designed to be revision guides rather than a full exploration of legal nuance, these law notes can be invaluable as a resource for exam preparation.

Why use law study notes?

Using official study notes can have a number of advantages, including:  

  • Clarity: Notes can provide much-needed insight into particularly difficult concepts.
  • Time: Study notes can be a great time saver since they negate the need to create your own summaries from scratch.
  • Organisation: Study notes can help you to marshal your thoughts and help you to understand the work at hand in a broader view.
  • Speed: Since study notes already contain the most important information, they can speed the entire revision process up significantly.