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Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

Whether your house is located in the city or in the countryside, come autumn your property will be covered in leaves. While undoubtedly beautiful, fallen leaves can cause several potential problems such as staining and clogged drainpipes and gutters. Wet leaves can be slipping hazards, while dry leaves can become fire hazards.

Thankfully there are many ways to remove leaves from your garden and drive. Raking is a manual option, or you can invest in a leaf blower or leaf vacuum to remove excess leaves quickly and efficiently.

Whether you're choosing a leaf blower or leaf vacuum you'll need to decide the power source you're most comfortable with. Options include battery operated, corded electric and also petrol.

Battery operated devices can have a run time of up to two hours. You can expect electric devices to have an output of around 2,000 to 3,000 watts with smaller, lightweight versions with outputs as low as 500 watts. Petrol devices tend to come with anywhere between 20 and 100ccs of power and are usually worn devices.

Choose handheld, stand behind or backpack devices from well-known brands including BLACK+DECKER, Flymo, McCulloch, STIHL, DEWALT, Einhell and Husqvarna.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers use blasts of air to remove leaves from your property, saving you huge amounts of time when compared to manually raking.

Leaf Vacuums

Leaf vacuums work in the opposite way to leaf blowers, using suction to collect leaves rather than blowing them away. Depending on the type of leaf vacuum you choose you'll find styles that will shred leaves and small garden debris so that you can easily empty and compost the contents, making disposal much easier.

Hybrid versions are also available allowing you to blow leaves into one central location, before collecting them with a vacuum with minimum effort.

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