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Got one to sell?

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Lian Li Computer Cases

Lian Li are one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium computer cases in the world. Their computer cases are popular with all levels of computer user, from office worker to the avid gamer. When buying a Lian Li Computer Case, it's always good to know precisely what you want and need before hand.


If you are building a PC from scratch, you need to make sure that everything you want to put inside actually fits. If you are building a custom gaming PC, then a mid-tower or minitower is not going to be able to hold everything you need. However, if you are short in space where you will be using the computer then a small case makes sense, especially if you are only going to be using it for general office work or surfing the web. In terms of functionality, a smaller case will have a lot of components generating heat in a tighter space, meaning overheating is more of a risk than a larger case.


A case that is described as an ATX case has the required structure to house an ATX motherboard. They are the most common motherboard and are found in almost every modern standard machine for home use. An AT case can have an AT motherboard installed, which are older and have been phased out over the last few years and they are rarely found for sale, but some still have them knocking about and like to make use of older tech. MicroATX can be handled by some Lian Li cases with MicroATX capability , allowing for a smaller, but still powerful ATX motherboard to be fitted into, saving space.

Other Considerations

Cooling is very important in computer cases that will be used for more intense tasks such as video games which demand a lot from your machine. In addition to the size of the case, the amount of fan slots dictate how hot or cool a computer will get during use. Larger cases will also allow for more components, such as liquid cooling which is rarely used in most home machines.

Different Lian Li cases also have different openings external wiring, such as VGA and HDMI ports for connecting monitors as well as USB slots and headphone jacks.

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