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Light Bulbs

A source of light and bright ideas, light bulbs are an essential item for modern living. There are thousands of different types of light bulb to choose from to suit every room and mood. Whether you need a lightbulb for an overhead fixture or lamp, or something more specialist such as an appliance bulb, black light or speciality bulb, you'll find a variety to choose from.

Browse the latest energy saving bulbs, LEDs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes or incandescent lighting. Light bulbs are available in a wide range of sizes and wattages ranging from as little as 1W to 120W. There's also a wide choice of voltage, from 100V to 220V. It's worth noting if you have a dimmer switch as not all bulbs are compatible with this setup.

Whichever style you're looking for you can choose from leading brands including Aurora, MEGAMAN, Bell and many more.

Light bulbs are available in a range of bright and fun colours including, black, blue, green, purple, orange and pink. Depending on the effect you're trying to achieve, there are also numerous multi-coloured and patterned bulbs to choose from.

As the capabilities of technology continue to advance, more elements of home technology can be customised to a homeowner's preferences. Smart bulbs are the latest addition to the connected home family. Connected lighting uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect an LED lightbulb to the internet, allowing it to be controlled, customised and scheduled remotely via a smartphone app.

The latest generation of smart bulbs have additional features such as built-in speakers and cameras as well as motion sensors that can detect if someone is present in a room. With the help of smart bulbs, you can conserve energy by ensuring your lighting is never left on by mistake. At the same time, you can use them for security, recording within a specific room or timing your lights to switch on at certain times of the day when you're on holiday.

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