Using a Linhof Technika Film Camera

In 1887, Linhof was founded in Germany; this company grew by providing unique film cameras to consumers. On eBay, you'll find many of this company's photography products. You can use different options to take photos like an old-school photographer. 

What are the different Linhof Technika format options? 

Linhof cameras are available in a variety of formats, which is beneficial since specific options provide practical advantages during photography sessions.  

  • Field: This camera is designed with components that fold to make it more compact. The folding element is very helpful as it makes the product easier to transport.
  • Large format: If a camera is larger than 4 by 5 inches, it's a large-format product. Large-format cameras produce crisp images in high resolution.
  • Medium: A medium format camera is a product that requires 120mm film. This type of camera takes photos that are a bit smaller than a large-format camera's pictures.
  • Press: Throughout the 1960s, press cameras were used by people who worked for news companies. A typical press format camera uses 35mm film.
  • Rangefinder: A rangefinder is a camera that's equipped with a focusing mechanism. This mechanism will have typical rangefinder functions or split-image capabilities. The rangefinder serves one purpose, which is to measure distance so that a photographer can take pictures with a sharp focus.

What are the design specs for Linhof Technika cameras? 

Many Linhof film cameras have a solid metal housing. On the frame, there is a door that provides access to the film roll chamber. A collapsible Linhof camera that folds to a compact size is designed with an accordion mechanism. 

What are the film formats? 

All vintage Linhof Technika cameras use film rolls that have a specific film format. Because most cameras are designed with a small or large chamber, the compatible film format options for certain Linhof camera types will vary. On eBay, there are dozens of valuable Linhof Technika cameras that use:  

  • 4 x 5 film
  • 6 x 9 film

What extra features are included with Linhof cameras? 

Some Linhof cameras on eBay have features that can simplify shoots. You'll find cameras with a:  

  • Handgrip: This extra feature can help you take shots more efficiently on unstable ground. A handgrip prevents shaking by increasing control and stability.
  • Flash: A flash is always attached on the top of a Linhof camera. During shoots in a dim environment, a flash can brighten the surroundings.

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