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Luggage Scales

Weighing up luggage scales

The penalties for luggage that weighs more than the airlines limit can be high, which is why many passengers opt to take travel scales for their luggage to ensure they dont pack too many souvenirs on their return flight. 

Toiletries, electrical goods and shoes can all add excess weight to a suitcase, and knowing the limit for both hold and hand luggage will prevent over-packing. These highly functional travel accessories ensure that you dont get stung by a surprise charge on your flights. Standard scale platforms and commercial scales are renowned for their accuracy but arent always suitable to store at home or to take away for a weekend break or summer holiday. 

Youll find luggage scales here on eBay in a range of sizes, from larger scales to those that fit easily into your pocket. 

Handheld scales

Portable travel scales that clip onto the suitcase handle are often lightweight enough to be packed and taken on holiday to help the family check their bags and only pack the essentials for the journey home. Digital luggage scales offer precision measurements, while analogue luggage scales with a moving needle always work without the use of batteries. 

Some handheld scales are designed so a strap simply loops around the suitcase handle and, once lifted, the weight of the suitcase can be easily read. Its possible to find designs with bonus extras like integrated tape measures and digital thermometers, providing a traveller with extra tools while on the move. 

Weight limits

Scales come in a range of sizes and top weights. For a family that likes to travel light, 32kg limit digital handheld scales might be sufficient. While for those with more to pack a 50kg or 100lb weight limit might have a better range. Slimline scales are perfect for anyone who travels regularly for business and routinely takes hand luggage as their only bag. 

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