Luggage Straps

Keep your luggage safe and secure with luggage straps, from plain and simple to bright and colourful styles. A zip or clasp doesn't necessarily guarantee that your suitcase will stay closed, so luggage straps give you extra protection on the go.


Luggage straps are made from durable materials so that they can endure travelling. They generally come in buckle or bungee designs to secure them to your bag.

The most common type of buckle used is the style that needs to be pinched on each side to release the catch. These are ideal as they are easy to open but won't open themselves if the bag is thrown about.

If you want a bit of extra security against theft, find a strap that has a combination lock attached.

Bungee straps are made from thick elastic to secure closely to your suitcase. They then fasten with two interlocking metal hooks to keep them securely in place.

Other Uses

As well as keeping your suitcase safely closed, luggage straps have a range of other uses. Choose a bright and colourful strap to give your suitcase an identifying factor when hundreds of black, grey and navy bags are going around the conveyor belt.

You can also use luggage straps to tie two bags together to make it easier for you to move more than one suitcase or bag around with you. You can use normal luggage straps for this or look for 'add a bag' straps that hook around a top bag and secure it to the main suitcase's handle, making them easier to carry together.

As well as traditional luggage straps, you can also find shoulder straps. These clip onto bags and suitcase so that you can carry them on your shoulder. You can use these as replacement straps or clip them onto a bag that doesn't have a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry.