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M Audio Pro Audio MIDI Controllers

Pro audio MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers transmit MIDI data to electronic devices or MIDI equipped instruments in order to produce a sound. MIDI controllers come in various configurations, but the most common type resembles a music keyboard.

Types of MIDI controller

  • Keyboard – The most common MIDI controller resembles a music keyboard, which will trigger sounds when a key is pressed. This provides a great way to control and trigger sounds with the playability of a keyboard
  • Drum pads and kits – Available as standalone drum controllers or as a feature of a MIDI keyboard, drum pads are pressed and hit with the fingers to trigger a sound. Finger drumming is a skill which is often used in electronic music, whereby drum sounds are triggered in real time with your fingers. There are also MIDI drum kits which transmit MIDI signals with each drum hit
  • Other – There are a range of other MIDI controllers out there, from DJ controllers to wind based MIDI controllers which are blown into like a wind instrument

Benefits of owning a MIDI Controller

  • Range sounds – A single MIDI controller will work with lots of different hardware and software, allowing you to access a wide range of sounds
  • Budget – MIDI controllers are available in a range of price brackets to suit any budget
  • Match your instrument – Whether you are a pianist, guitarist or drummer, there is a MIDI controller available that will play like your preferred instrument
  • Range of features – From basic keyboards to complex button filled drum controllers, there are many different features available to ensure that you can find a controller that meets your needs
  • Portability – MIDI controllers are often extremely portable and lightweight
  • Durability – MIDI controllers are highly durable. This is because they are only creating a signal and not producing the actual sounds. They are less complex electronically than portable synthesisers, meaning there is less to go wrong
  • Long lifespan – MIDI controllers have a long lifespan compared to electronic musical instruments. You can use the same MIDI hardware but keep your sound modern with software updates.
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