Iconic MG Classic Cars

If an older car is deemed valuable enough to restore and look after, rather than being scrapped, it could be classed as a classic. MG classic cars are the perfect example of this. 

Morris Garages

Founded in the 1920s and best known for its 2-seater sports cars, MG also produced coupes and saloons. The famous badge design MG is taken from the name Morris Garages. 

Roadster or Sport MGs

The MGB was produced between 1962 and 1980 and is a two-door, two-seater, four-cylinder, soft-top roadster or sports model. Wind up windows come as standard, the driver';s compartment is comfortable and offers plenty of legroom and there is a parcel shelf fitted behind the seats for a little extra storage space. 

The Midget, arguably one of the brand's best-known cars, is a nippy little roadster and was in production from 1961 to 1979. Depending on the year of manufacture, it will have either a 948cc engine, a 1098cc or a 1275cc engine. Soft top and hard tops are available and again this has wind up windows as standard. Despite being smaller than the MGB, the driver';s compartment still offers plenty of legroom, and the boot is surprisingly spacious. 

MG coupes and saloons

Both classic MG coupes and saloons are fixed hardtop models. The main difference is that the coupe has two doors, whilst saloons are a more family-friendly option offering four doors. 

Whether you choose a sport, coupe or saloon model, the MG is everything you look for in a classic car. Looks, performance and style, all with the classic MG branding. 

Tax exemption and insurance

The DVLA states that any car manufactured before 1st January 1978 is exempt from tax duty. However, there is a legal obligation to register your classic model with the DVLA, so that it is on police records. If you are purchasing a classic car, be sure to insure it using a specialist 'classic car cover'.