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A Brief Guide to Buying Wireless Speakers

On eBay, it is possible to find a wide selection of wireless speakers with various different specifications. From mini portable speakers to wireless hi-fi speakers, there are plenty to choose from. Most manufacturers use the Bluetooth protocol for wireless communications to transmit audio signals to these devices, but what are the other key features you need to know?

Why should you buy a wireless speaker?

There are many situations where you might want to connect a speaker to your audio device without a cable running between the two. Perhaps you want your home stereo speakers to be set up without speaker wires extending over your carpet or along the walls? In other situations, you might want a speaker that you can easily carry around with you, perhaps to use in the garden or in the car to listen to music with friends.

What devices will a wireless speaker work with?

Any device that has the capability to send wireless audio signals will function with a wireless speaker. The protocol used by both devices to communicate needs to be the same, however. Bear in mind that wireless speakers will only work if they are within range of the device you are pairing them with, such as:

  • A mobile phone.
  • A laptop PC.
  • A tablet.
  • A wireless TV.
Do you need a particular operating system for wireless speakers?

Whether you are buying a large wireless speaker or one that is designed for portability, you dont need software for it to work but the device you are using it with will. Android, Windows and iOS – the most common operating systems that wireless devices use – are all quite capable of pairing with a wireless device, such as a speaker. In short, you shouldnt need to download any specific software to get going unless the Bluetooth driver software happens to be out of date.

Can you buy waterproof wireless speakers?

As electrical devices, obtaining a truly waterproof wireless speaker that you could submerge is not likely. That being said, there are plenty of portable wireless speakers on the market that have been developed to be used outside where they may come into contact with moisture and even a little light rain. Many are marketed as water-resistant products that you can make use of in the garden or even on a camping trip.