Everything You Need to Know Before Getting an MZ Motorcycle or Scooter

Riding a motorcycle is a refreshing way to carry out your daily commute, and MZ motorcycles and scooters are among the myriad of choices available to choose from. As you start your search for a suitable MZ motorcycle for sale on eBay, it is advisable to go through some frequently asked questions that will help you pinpoint the right bike for you.

What models of MZ motorcycles are available?

As you try to select a new MZ motorcycle that fits your lifestyle, it is important to learn about the various models available. These include:

  • Scooters: These bikes have a step-through frame as well as pedals. They are usually lightweight and have a platform for the rider's feet.
  • Cruisers: They have extended footrests and stretched-out handlebars that place the rider's hands up for comfort.
  • Sport-bikes: Designed for racing purposes, they have robust engines and are optimised for braking, cornering, and speeding.
  • Motocross bikes: These are dirt bikes that are built to ride on roads with obstacles. They have sturdy frames and can come with street-legal amenities such as headlights, mirrors, and signals.
What types of rims do MZ motorcycles have?

One thing you need to pay attention to as you search for an MZ for sale is its rims. They affect the ease of a bike's steering, cornering, and braking. Here are the types of rims you are likely to encounter in the MZ bike series:

  • Spoke wheels: Here, the rim of the wheel is laced with thin bars or wire rods that extend to the outer edge. The spokes add sturdiness to the rim and improve its shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Solid wheels: Instead of numerous wire rods, the rim and spokes are one solid cast usually made of materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre, and other alloys. They are lightweight and help boost fuel efficiency as well as performance.
MZ motorcycle handlebar types

Another element you need to keep in mind as you look up MZ motorcycles for sale is the handlebar design. Different handlebars will suit your level of experience and height. Each of these handlebar designs have their own advantages:

  • Clip-on handlebars: They are positioned low allowing the rider to lean forward while operating a motorcycle. They can be easily adjusted for comfort.
  • Motocross handlebars: They are rigid so as to add the stability needed to navigate through rough terrain.
  • Drag handlebars: These handlebars are very straight hence reducing wind resistance and increasing the acceleration of the bike.