Explore Vintage Medium Format Photography With Mamiya Camera Body and Lenses

Medium format photography was a film photography format common back in the 1940s and 1950s before the 35mm format became the commercial standard. Camera brands that produce medium format photography are still sought after for their high image quality and specialised uses. eBay offers a wide variety of Mamiya cameras and photography equipment in various models and prices. 

What is medium format photography? 

Medium format photography is a photography format that was once used with 120mm film rolls. Because of its larger internal sensor and larger film dimensions, medium format cameras that can produce high-quality images that are highly sought after by photography professionals and amateur hobbyists. Medium format cameras are still used in niche photography where high image quality is paramount. The following niche photography areas still use medium format cameras:  

  • Fashion industry photography
  • Product marketing photography
  • Still life photography
  • Studio photography
  • Portrait photography

What types of Mamiya cameras are available? 

A multitude of these cameras can be found on eBay. Mamiya offers three types of medium format cameras, including:  

  • 6 x 4.5cm format – The 6 x 4.5cm medium format can be taken by the medium format camera 645 series.
  • 6 x 6cm format – The 6 x 6cm medium format can be taken by the Mamiya 6 series, an electronic rangefinder camera series.
  • 6 x 7cm format – The 6 x 7cm medium format can be taken by three types of Mamiya cameras. The RB67 Pro-SD camera is a mechanical SLR medium format camera. The RZ67 IID is an electronic SLR medium format camera. The Mamiya 7II is an electronic rangefinder medium format camera.

Is it possible to use Mamiya cameras for digital photography? 

Mamiya cameras can be used for digital photography with digital backs. Digital backs are devices that attach to the back of the camera in the area where the traditional film roll holder attaches to the camera body. The digital back allows medium format cameras to capture digital photography while using the original internal sensor. Mamiya has produced digital camera backs that can be used with their cameras, including:  

  • ZD – The ZD digital back is compatible with the 645 AFDII and 645 AFDIII.
  • ZD with Adapter – The ZD digital back with the HX701 adapter is compatible with the RZ 67 Pro IID.
  • DM22 – The DM22 digital back is compatible with the 645 DF series.
  • DM28 – The DM28 digital back is compatible with the 645 DF series.
  • DM33 – The DM33 digital back is compatible with the 645 DF series.

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