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Get Ready to Race with Mario Kart 7

With Mario Kart 7 by Nintendo, you'll need to get ready, steady, and go. Designed for the 3DS, Mario Kart 7 was the first edition to be created by two developers. There are a total of nine installments in the Mario Kart series. Nintendo EAD released Mario Kart 7 in 2011 in collaboration with legendary Retro Studios. Shop eBay for a racing game that will have you flying off your seat.

Is Mario Kart 7 compatible with a Nintendo 2DS system?

Yes, you can play Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 2DS system. All Nintendo DS games are designed to be played on multiple Nintendo gaming consoles. You can even play Mario Kart 7 for 3DS on the Nintendo XL consoles. When playing Mario Kart 7 3D on a 2DS, gaming functions and experience remains unaffected. The only difference is that won't render 3D graphics, which is expected since its only a 2D console.

What characters can you play in Mario Kart 7?

Mario Kart 7 includes all of the classic Mario characters, plus many more. The game has starter drivers that you can play right away, and it has unlockable characters that you can gain access to by collecting points during gameplay. Besides Mario and Luigi, here are some of the other exciting characters you can race with:

  • Yoshi: A lovable favourite in the world of Nintendo, the dinosaur-like green character can be raced as a starter in this game.
  • Donkey Kong: One of the main characters in the franchise, Donkey Kong is also a starter racer that you can immediately play with.
  • Toad: An attendant to Princess Peach, Toad is the Mushroom Kingdom's protector. Although he's usually an ally to Mario, he's out to win and available as a starter.
  • Daisy: If you want to race the Princess of Sarasaland, you'll need to gain enough points to unlock Daisy. Princess Daisy has special powers that you'll want to discover.
  • Metal Mario: Another unlockable racer, Metal Mario is a spin-off with an attitude. If you want to play with Mario-gone-bad, you'll have to race furiously and drive fast.
How do you collect points?

Like previous versions of Mario Kart, points are collected and awarded based on performance. You'll need to cross the finish line as one of the top 12 drivers. You can also earn points by popping balloons while balloon battling other racers.

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