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Marks and Spencer Men's Jumpers and Cardigans

Since 1884, Marks and Spencer has grown from a market stall into an international company that serves over 32 million customers every year. The range of Marks and Spencer men's jumpers and cardigans range is extensive with a large variety of materials available including wool. There are many different types of wool to choose from, each have many differences which may influence your buying decision.

Wool cardigans and jumpers

Wool is a fantastic, naturally occurring material for clothing. It is over six times as durable as its closest common contender cotton and is naturally elastic, meaning that it retains its shape well over a long period of time. Most importantly, it is a brilliant insulator and keeps you warm even when wet. Its natural insulating and wicking properties make it ideal for changes in temperature allowing it to keep you warm when it's cold and keep you cool when it is warm.

Types of wool cardigans and jumpers

One of the most popular materials for cardigans and jumpers from Marks and Spencer is the traditional cashmere wool. Cashmere jumpers and cardigans are made from cashmere that is sourced from goats. It has finer threads, creating a softer and silkier feel than traditional wool.

Lambswool jumpers and cardigans are another option provided by Marks and Spencer. Lambswool is the soft wool taken the first time a sheep is sheared, providing the highest quality wool there is. It is incredibly soft and the other properties of wool are exaggerated in lambswool.

Another popular choice is merino wool, which is a high quality wool suitable for clothing touching the skin. Marks and Spencer merino wool cardigans and jumpers are a fantastic way to look stylish and feel great.

The type of wool depends on personal choice, as all wool is comfortable, breathable and stain resistant. Wool is easy to clean and the differences are largely related to softness. All wool is natural, renewable and biodegradable so there are very few environmental concerns.

Other materials

Wool is not the only material that you will find Marks and Spencer's cardigans and jumpers made from. Cotton, cotton blends and polyester cardigans and jumpers can all be found too.

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