Smart Memory Foam Mattresses Offer Ideal Sleep Comfort

Originally designed for use in space by NASA, the memory foam mattress, or ‘viscoelastic’ mattress, softens when exposed to heat. This allows the material to mould exactly to your body shape. Available on eBay in a variety of sizes and budgets, memory foam mattresses can provide a high degree of comfort and support.

Standard double and single sizes of memory foam mattresses

The following are the standard measurements of double and single memory foam mattresses:

  • Double: Memory foam double mattresses measure 4’6 x 6’3 imperial, or 135 x 190 cm metric.
  • Single: Single memory foam mattresses measure 3’ x 6’3 imperial, or 90 x 190 cm metric. The twin is the same size as a single.
  • King: King size memory foam mattresses measure 5’ x 6’6 or 150 x 200 cm metric and super king size measure 6’ x 6’6 or 180 x 200 cm metric.
Convenient delivery of memory foam mattresses

For ease of delivery, many eBay sellers offer rolled mattresses. These are carefully vacuum-packed in a user-friendly sized package and are particularly suitable for delivery to narrow entrances and stairways. Once opened, the mattress gently unfolds and re-forms its shape.

What does pocket sprung mean?

The term pocket sprung refers to each coil being wrapped in fabric and housed in its own individual pocket. The springs are not attached to each other so can move independently which prevents sleepers from rolling together. Pocket-sprung memory foam mattresses offer the best of both worlds in that the sleeper benefits from the movement and bounce of the individual springs but also from the top layer of additional comfort provided by the memory foam as it moulds to the body.

How do you decide on the tension of the memory foam mattress?

This is dependent on personal preference and sleeping habits, and can often be decided by body weight. Specialist websites offer guidance on this point. Generally, the heavier the person, the firmer the mattress requirement. However, a quick test can be to place your hand under the small of your back whilst lying on the mattress. A larger gap indicates that the mattress could be too firm and no gap could suggest it is too soft.

Where there are weight differences between sleepers on a double bed, e.g., 3 stone plus, consideration could be given to having separate single memory foam mattresses.

How do memory foam mattresses support the back?

The design of memory foam mattresses allows the spine to be kept aligned and, thus, reduces night-time movement, providing a deeper sleep.