Men's Braces

As an alternative or addition to a belt, men's braces are not only a practical choice for holding trousers up, they are also a stylish accessory for any outfit. Men's braces work by using elasticate shoulder straps that are secured to the waistband of trousers for ease of use and comfort.

Style of Men's Braces

As well as being practical and keeping your trousers in position without the need of a restrictive or uncomfortable belt, men's braces are a fashionable accessory which can be worn to enhance an outfit and suit the style of your personality.

Men's braces come in many different colours, so you can find the right accessory to complement your outfit and its colours. You may want your braces to be the focal point of the outfit, in which case a contrasting colour can work really well.

Some brands of men's braces offer patterns such as the traditional Ska look with black and white chequers, others will have elaborate designs that are used specifically for their aesthetic qualities. As well as the pattern on the braces, the thickness of the straps may vary too, so you can find the right style, shape and size to suit your needs.

Material of Men's Braces

You can find men's braces in a range of different materials for comfort and style. Some brands such as Brimarc and Hunt and Holditch offer genuine leather braces which are durable and long-lasting as well as offering a refined and classic style. For a more affordable alternative, you can find faux leather braces which offer the same look as leather but may not be as durable and supple as genuine leather.

Another option is silk blend braces provided by brands such as Trafalgar and Pelican. Silk blend braces are very soft and are the ideal material for when you want brightly coloured and patterned braces.