Men's Electric Shavers

Mens Electric Shavers

Mens electric shavers are the ideal alternative to the often tedious and time consuming wet shave. An investment buy, this product should result in a close and comfortable shave and to achieve this it is essential that you buy the right tool for the job. Your final choice can be based on a number of factors.

The very first electric shaver was invented by American inventor and entrepreneur Jacob Schick in 1923. Today, modern electric shavers are either foil or rotary headed and come in a choice of rechargeable, wet/dry and cordless options. Mens rotary electric shavers and foil headed electric shavers are produced by manufacturers such as Remington, Braun and Philips. Many also have trimmer attachments to kemp sideburns and customise your own beard style.

Foil or rotary?

When choosing an electric shaver it is important to look for a model that is tough enough to contend with your particular facial hair growth.

Foil headed electric shavers contain oscillating blades which move back and forth, covered by a thin layer of metal foil. More rectangular in shape,they are designed to be used in up and down and left to right motions.

This product is often favoured by men with sensitive skin as its lighter motions can reduce skin irritation.

Rotary electric shavers have multi directional heads (usually at least three), with cutters spinning below the heads while a guard protects the skin from the blade. They can make light work of coarse stubble growth as its circular motions are designed to manoeuvre around all contours of the face.

Free to roam

One of the biggest advantages of mens electric shavers is the ability to dry shave, meaning you can shave anywhere, anytime. Mens cordless electric shavers are best suited to those gents with a busy lifestyle who choose to groom while on the move. As well as dry use, some cordless electric shavers can be used with gel or shaving foam. If you also like the option of shaving in the shower there are lots of electric wet and dry shavers which offer dual convenience.

Enhanced tech

The days of messy wet shaving are truly over. If you are looking for a fuss free option which is clever enough to clean itself many mens electric shavers now come with their own cleaning systems. These shavers have enhanced technology such as cleaning stations where after use you simply dock the shaver in the station and it will self clean.

Top Products in Mens Electric Shavers

  • Max t Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Mens Rotary Ipx7 100 Waterproof Quick Recharge
  • Panasonic Es rf31 4 Blade Electric Shaver Wet and Dry With Flexible Pivoting
  • Genuine Philips ONEBLADE Case Hybrid Trimmer Shaver Hard Cover Travel Black
  • Braun Series 3 3010bt Shaver and Beard Trimmer 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Electric
  • Braun Series 5 5140s Wet and Dry Mens Electric Rechargeable Shaver Razor
  • Remington MB050 Durablade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver With 4 X Lengths
  • Philips Men S Electric Travel Shaver Pq203 17 With Pouch Cordless
  • Braun Series 3 380 4 Cordless Rechargeable Mens Electric Shaver
  • Remington PR1350 Power Series Aqua Plus Rotary Electric Shaver
  • Philips QP253030 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer Shaver 4x Lengths
  • Philips Series 5000 Waterproof Mens Electric Shaver S5270
  • Remington XF8505 Capture Cut Wet Dry Foil Electric Shaver
  • Remington PF7500 Comfort Pro Foil Electric Shaver Black
  • Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010S Mens Electric Razor Blue
  • Remington PR1330 Power Series Rotary Electric Shaver
  • Philips OneBlade Face + Body Electric Trimmer
  • Remington SF4880 Electric Foil Shaver Blue
  • Braun CCR 5 1 Clean and Recartridges
  • Remington AQ7 Electric Shavers
  • Braun 3040 Beard/Mustache