Men's Formal Shirts

Mens Formal Shirts

A formal shirt is an essential item for any mans wardrobe, whether its needed for business meetings, interviews or even dinner dances. Mens formal shirts come in a wide range of styles, colours and fits so whether you are looking for short or long sleeves; tailored or slim fit cuts, youll be sure to find what youre looking for.

With such an important piece of clothing its important to ensure it fits well and is made from high quality materials so it lasts, particularly if youre making a big investment into a shirt that youll be wearing on important occasions. Be sure to have your chest and collar measurements to hand so you can quickly choose the right size shirt.

Styles of Mens Formal Shirts

As mens fashion has developed over the last few years more styles of formal shirts have become available. Whilst some time ago it would have been unheard of to purchase a formal shirt in bright or patterned designs, these are continuing to grow more popular amongst many men.

Once youve chosen whether you want a long or short sleeved shirt , its time to think about what material is going to be the best option. Generally speaking natural fibres are preferred, with cotton being the most popular and cost effective choice. Go for 100% cotton shirts for the best quality, as these will avoid using polyester or other blended materials.

Next, consider what cut is going to be most suitable. Mens formal shirts are typically available either in regular fit , which are more relaxed, tailored cuts that are suited for more formal occasions and slim fit options that are cut closer to the body for a more contemporary style.

For the best fit, with any style of formal shirt, try to make sure that you can still easily fit two fingers under the collar when its fastened so you stay comfortable. Other tips include making sure that your shirt isnt tight across the chest, as whilst you should be able to see the shape of your body underneath, it shouldnt be too snug. Finally try to avoid billowing sleeves and cuffs that are too long, as these will detract from achieving a smarter appearance.