Men's Formal Suits & Tuxedos

Mens Formal Suits and Tuxedos

Mens formal suits and tuxedos are the ideal choice for the man looking to make an impression at the smartest of events.

The difference between a tuxedo and a suit is that the satin will be found on the lapels, buttons and pocket trims of a tuxedo jacket. Also, traditionally tuxedo trousers will also have a satin side stripe along the legs. A tuxedo, which is also known as a dinner suit, is usually worn with a cummerbund around the waist and a bow tie.

Suits are an alternative choice for a formal occasion and they are also the outfit of choice for businessmen. Whatever the occasion, there is a cut and style of suit or tuxedo for every man who wants to feel dapper and smart.

Brand new tuxedos can be custom made or bought to size and come in an array of colours, including traditional black, white and even blue, purple, green or burgundy. A used tuxedo can be snapped up at a bargain price, with second hand jackets and suits from brands such as Paul Smith, San Piero and Centaur among others.

Traditional morning suits are ideal for a bridegroom, such as a wool two-piece tail suit in royal blue. This suit features a jacket with three cuff buttons and two inside pockets with matching trousers which are pleated with a blue pinstripe. Less traditional choices for a wedding day include smart suits by designer Marc Darcy. Among his creations are a stylish tan brown three-piece tweed suit and an eye-catching three-piece suit in a light blue check pattern.

Men who want to make a statement might be tempted by a two-piece suit in white or pink which would be eye-catching at parties and can be worn with a matching tie.