Men's Golf Clothing

You'll be ready to tee off in no time with a selection of men's golf clothing from comfy and supportive shoes to gloves with just the right amount of grip.

Golf Shoes

Aside from your clubs, choosing the right shoes is one of the most important purchases for any golfer. You'll want both comfort and performance to give you the best time on the course.

If you want more stability for your swing, take a look at spiked or cleated gold shoes. They offer superior grip and stability and, because of modern technology, you'll find some that are lightweight too.

A more modern trend in golfing is the spikeless shoe, which offers a low-profile look with a comfortable lightweight feel that is great for performance. Instead of spikes, they feature dimpled soles that still offer great performance. These are favoured for their supreme comfort that can help with foot and back pain and are also extremely stylish.

For something seasonal, check out golf boots or golf sandals. If you're playing in bad weather, you'll want boots that offer premium waterproofing and warmth.

Golf Gloves

Although many don't look much into their glove choices, golf gloves are the final layer between your grip and shot, playing an important role in your performance. You'll want to make sure that your gloves are well-fitting and know more about what they're made of.

Generally, gloves are leather or synthetic. Choosing between the two is down to preference but some pros carry both in their bags. This is because both materials have their own advantages. Leather is more expensive but is more comfortable and lasts longer. Synthetic gloves, however, give a better grip in extreme weathers such as heat or rain.


When it comes to golf clothing, you'll want to choose garments that are comfortable and flexible so that they don't limit your swing. Whether you need to layer up for cooler days or are golfing in fine weather, natural, breathable materials are always preferable as they won't affect your performance.