Men's Novelty Slippers

Mens Novelty Slippers

From superhero icons to joke offerings, you can find your perfect pair of mens novelty slippers here with complete ease. Great for men of all ages, these slippers will make an impact to wear and to give as a present.

Whether you are looking for Homer Simpson footwear, a Dalek or a pretend Bigfoot, a pair of novelty slippers are the ideal way to stay cosy without compromising on fun! From slip on mules to ankle warming booties, you can find many styles to suit your needs.

Comfortable and practical

A pair of memory foam mens slippers will help you unwind at the end of an exhausting day and will make your feet feel as good as new.

Most styles of slippers are traditionally slip on, but you will find a few styles that are fastened for extra security and practicality. Typically, you can find most novelty slippers in either a mule or boot style.

Find your favourite character

Love superheros? Opt for mens novelty slippers in the design and style of characters such as Batman, Spiderman or similar. You will simply love the Marvel range of slippers where you can find Captain America and Spiderman mules emblazoned on them, amongst others.

If you like to watch funny animations, choose from characters from Family Guy or The Simpsons. You can also find novelty slippers in character form of Minions, Turtles, Doctor Who and more.

And lets not forget Pokemon. If you enjoy playing Pokemon, why not choose a pair of cool slippers with Pikachu on? Although, we wouldnt recommend you wearing them to go outside and chase Pokémons!

Stand out shapes

You can also find slippers in quirky shapes such as a big foot, a novelty ice lolly or even a hot dog!

Slipper accompaniments

Team your mens slippers with a soft pair of warm lounge pants and a long sleeved ribbed top for lazy mornings of eating brunch and reading the newspapers. If you get chilly, add a cashmere cardigan or a borg lined hoodie for extra cosiness!

A pair of slippers makes for a great present, whether it is for Christmas or for the Secret Santa sack, or even a birthday, the recipient will love to open a present of novelty slippers.

Mens novelty slippers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colours, brands and materials and can be found in both used and brand new condition.