Men's Sandals & Beach Shoes

Mens Sandals & Beach Shoes

Ideal for slipping on and off at the beach, pool or gym, mens sandals and beach shoes are designed to be quick and easy to put on. They are also intended to be easy to clean to prevent sand from building up so that they remain comfortable to wear.

Many brands of fashion and footwear offer beach shoes and sandals, but some of the most popular and most recognisable include Crocs, which are a distinctive plastic shoe with laser cut soles. Their classic design can be worn as a mule or has a strap to support the ankle. Another favourite brand is Adidas, who utilise their famous three-stripe design across their footwear options.

From sports brands such as Nike, Animal or Reef to designer options such as Gucci, Armani and Prada, there are many brands offering their take on a practical beach shoe.


One of the most common types of beach shoe are flip-flops, which consist of a flat rubber surface and a strap across the foot, with a toe post. Flip-flops are comfortable to wear and space-saving which make them the ideal shoe for holidays and gym bags.


Another popular sandal type is slides, which you slide your foot into and is secured by a thick strap over the foot which leaves the toes exposed. Slides are commonly made of plastic and rubber for a sporty look. However, many designers utilise the slide method to create fashionable designer shoes with fabric and embellishment.

Strapped Sandals

Ideal for walking, strapped sandals have more fastenings to ensure your foot is securely in place. Strapped sandals are much more comfortable to wear when undertaking beach activities and walking long distances. Strapped sandals allow your feet to breathe and feel cool while still giving you the support and comfort of a standard shoe.