Men's Shorts

Mens Shorts

Browsed a wide range of mens shorts that includes an extensive variety of styles and designs that will ensure you find the perfect pair for your requirements. Whether youre looking for preppy chino shorts in pastel colours for your summer holiday, swimming or sports shorts, or even more practical cargo style shorts for hiking or manual work in the sun, youll be sure to find a pair that matches your needs.

Shorts are available in many different materials and colours - from statement board shorts all the way through to tailored items in more muted colours. As shorts become a more widely worn and popular item of clothing, they need to suit any occasion from a BBQ with friends right through to a casual Friday in the office.

Styles of Mens Shorts

Wearing shorts can be a sartorial challenge for many men - heres a simple guide on what styles are popular and how to wear them in the best possible way.

Mens sports shorts are clearly designed for a specific purpose, meaning that you can wear whatever style is the most comfortable and well suited to the activity in question. Whether youre planning to wear shorts for running, cycling, tennis or any other sport, were sure to have a range thats the perfect match.

Mens cargo and combat shorts can be paired with flip-flops and a logo t-shirt and is very much a skater or student type style. These shorts are definitely a laid back and comfortable choice and can be a great option for activities like hiking or even practical working outside in the summer.

Tailored and chino shorts are growing increasingly popular and are a top choice if youre looking for shorts that can take you from the beach to the boardroom. Often associated with a more preppy style, they are well cut and look fantastic in anything from pastel tones to patterns.

Tips on Wearing Shorts

Shorts are popular with men of all ages and sizes, and some of the best advice is to wear whatever style you feel comfortable in. Assuming that youve selected the perfect style, some final advice includes ensuring they are well fitted and made from quality materials.

It can be tempting to choose shorts that are wider in the legs, but this style is often unflattering and tends to look a little out of date, so try to stick to shorts in a narrower cut that are at least slightly more tailored.