Men's Sunglasses

Every man needs a good pair of sunglasses. They're an essential accessory that can bring instant style to any outfit. But of course, men's sunglasses aren't just a fashion choice, they play an important role in protecting your eyes from harmful UV light. Here on eBay, you can find men's sunglasses from leading brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley and Police in both new and used condition.

Functional Features

Modern sunglasses technology has a come a long way. You'll find eyewear with specialised functions tailored to your needs. Looking for something to make night driving easier? Choose yellow, anti-glare night vision glasses. Or choose polarized sunglasses to filter out distracting glare for driving during the day. A gradient lens can also be the ideal choice for daytime driving, shielding your eyes from the sun with a darkly shaded section at the top of the lens while allowing you to see your dashboard through the more subtly shaded section at the bottom.

Heading on holiday somewhere sunny? Make sure your eyes stay safe by choosing sunglasses with the optimum level of UV protection. Sunglasses with UV400 protection will filter out almost 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light. Choose a wraparound frame design for even better protection.

If you are worried about the damaging effects of blue light rays emitted from digital devices, blue-blocking sunglasses could be a great choice. Research has shown that blue light can directly damage retinas, leading to visual impairment in later life.

Stylish Designs

Sunglasses for men can be anything from classic to trendy and everything in between. Aviator shades are a popular choice, bringing a confident swagger to your look. Or keep things retro with a vintage-inspired pair. You'll find thick, colourful frames to complement fashions from the ‘60s and ‘70s, while ‘50s Wayfarer shades never go out of style.

For frames, you can wear in business situations, look for sophisticated designs with glossy metal frames. For sunglasses to wear while you take part in sports make sure you pick a streamlined pair that is built to stay put during activity.