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Men's Surfer Chains, Necklaces and Pendants

Originally worn for superstitious reasons, surfer necklaces are often worn as a symbol of protection, designed to keep the dangers of the sea at bay to allow a successful and enjoyable surf. Nowadays, men's surfer chains, necklaces and pendants make a stylish and fashionable addition to any outfit, whether at the beach or in the city.

Types of men's surfer necklaces

Men's surfer necklaces instantly give a beachy look and a chilled out vibe. They are casual in appearance, making them easily integrated into any outfit choice. For a laid back and stylish look, these necklaces should look completely natural and give the impression that they have been worn for years and years.

Surfer necklaces are made from a range of materials, such as leather, hemp cord, stainless steel and exotic animal teeth, bone and shell.

Men's leather surfer necklaces are made up of a thin band of leather that usually has a pendant or bead attached to it. Leather necklaces give a relaxed look that is perfect to be worn with modern, stylish clothing. A leather necklace is less suited to formal wear and business suits as it can look a little too laid back, especially if the leather cord has suffered wear and tear.

For a truly outdoorsy surfer vibe, a hemp cord necklace can be the ideal choice. Hemp cords are often woven together, mixing colours to create a textured necklace that looks intricate and decorative.

Stainless steel surfer necklaces are more hardwearing and suitable for everyday wear. They can be smart enough for formal outfits and workwear, yet are still stylish and easy to wear when you're dressed down.

Finally, animal teeth, shell and bone necklaces are commonly worn by surfers as a sign of strength and protection as the wearer feels close to nature. Shark teeth are still popular today for a trendy and boho style. Shell and shark teeth are worn by surfers as they are said to protect from shark attacks and allow for safe surfing at sea. Regardless of whether you are a surfer or not, a shell or shark tooth necklace can still be seen as a talisman of good luck.

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