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Men's Wool Socks

A great choice whether you're looking for comfortable daily wear or something more substantial for colder weather, men's wool socks are a real asset to have to hand. From thick wool hiking socks to more delicate and luxurious Merino wool options this range is extensive and is sure to stock exactly what you need.

This collection includes everything from multipacks that are the perfect companion on a winter walking holiday to lightweight colourful designs that will be a fashionable addition to your sock drawer. Wool socks a great option if you prefer to wear natural materials and love the feeling against your skin.

Why choose men's woollen socks

There are many benefits and advantages to wearing wool socks rather than those made from other materials and it's definitely worth having at least a couple of pairs on hand. In cold, wet weather there's no better choice, especially when you consider that this weather can be encountered even in the British summertime!

Possessing great insulation qualities as well as moisture wicking properties, wool socks help to keep your feet feeling toasty warm and much dryer than fabrics such as cotton. They can hold a lot of water before they start to feel overly wet. Even when they are wet their odour resistant nature will help stop your feet from smelling. Wool socks are also extremely comfortable, another reason they are a smart choice for activities like hiking, where your feet need as much support as possible.

If you're planning on adding men's wool socks to your day to day wardrobe, normal sock fashion rules apply. They should fit snugly against the skin without bagging at the top of the shoe and should be in an appropriate colour. Typically socks should match the colour of your trousers - so grey wool socks should coordinate with grey trousers, black with black trousers and so on.

Show your personality in sock form

The exception to the rule is obviously if you're wearing statement socks that boast bright colours and patterns and add a certain twist of individuality to a standard work wear look. This is an increasingly popular style and luckily there are many patterns and shades to choose from when it comes to well made merino wool socks.

In addition, to take the best care of them that you can, it's advisable not to simply machine wash wool socks. You should look into the guidelines for keeping the wool soft.