Frequently Asked Questions About MicroSD Cards

MicroSD is a miniaturized version of the standard SD card format. Designed primarily for smartphones and digital cameras, microSD allows you to store all your critical files or transfer them between different devices. eBay simplifies the process of choosing an affordable storage solution.

How do you choose the right memory cards?

When purchasing a microSD card, you should consider the following factors:

  • Storage capacity - The storage capacity of a microSD card can range from a few gigabytes to several hundred gigabytes. If you are storing large 1080p or 4K resolution video, then you will want to go with the larger cards.
  • Data transfer speed - The data transfer speed refers to the minimum read and write speed of the card. This can be identified by the speed class rating system typically written somewhere on the surface of the card. The speed class system determines whether the card is suitable for certain types of video recording. For instance, if the card has a minimum speed of 2MBps, then it is suitable for standard-definition video recording. If it has a speed of 10MBps, then it’s suitable for 1080p video recording. If the speed is 30 MB/s, then it’s suitable for 4K resolution recording.
  • Security - Some optional security features include a write-protect notch, which designates the card as read-only, and a card password.
  • Reliability - Some cards may be waterproof, shockproof, or resistant to x-rays or extreme temperatures.
How do you determine the compatibility of the card?

There are generally three types of cards: SDSC, which is the standard capacity card; SDHC, which is a high-capacity card; and SDXC, which is the extended capacity card. Any card reader that is compatible with a newer version of the SD card format will be backward compatible with previous versions. So an SDXC reader will accept SDSC and SDHC cards, but an SDSC reader will not necessarily accept the other two versions, at least not without a firmware update.

When do you need to use an adapter?

An adapter is absolutely necessary if your current card reader does not accept the microSD format. There are a few different types of adapters. The most common type of adapter allows you to insert an SD card. The adapter then plugs into a regular SD card port of a computer. This type of adapter is frequently sold with microSD cards, so you do not need to purchase one separately. A second type of adapter is a hub-like device that accepts one or more card formats and plugs into the USB port of a computer.