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Microsoft Xbox 360 Video Game Motion Sensors and Cameras

Microsoft Xbox 360 video game motion sensors and cameras are specialist gaming peripherals manufactured by Microsoft and other brands which are compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360 games console systems. These tech add-ons can be purchased to enhance your gaming experience when you're playing motion sensor video games .

Motion sensor technology

Using infrared light to recognise images, motion sensors are able to effectively generate and follow an on-screen image. This advanced technology creates a truly immersive gaming experience within several genres of specially designed games including action adventures and first person shooters, fighting, racing, fitness and dance games by detecting a gamer's actual physical movements and translating them into real-time gameplay.

Microsoft Xbox 360 motion cameras and webcams

First released in 2005, the Xbox 360 introduced the webcam accessory Xbox Live Vision camera which could be used alongside a wide variety of video games to bring interactive social gaming to life.

Microsoft Xbox 360 webcams do not require traditional controllers to recognise players in a game. This added tech also supports those games designed with 'face in game' technology where you can add your face to your in-game character for a personalised gaming experience.

Microsoft Xbox 360 motion sensors and cameras

Microsoft Xbox 360 motion sensors and camera duos also have in-built advanced technology to recognise motion and momentum, voice, facial expressions and hand gestures when playing Xbox 360 video games. This enhanced interaction and intuitive control significantly increases the level of excitement for gamers of all ages.

The Microsoft Xbox Kinect is both camera and motion sensor bar and is designed to be used with highly interactive games. This hardware will also enable gamers to 'become the controller', giving the user the option to multi-task when they need to. In addition, during gameplay the camera element allows the user to capture screenshots and in-game clips to offer an extra fun factor to the gamer's experience.

With the Kinect camera and motion sensor bar, gamers can simply auto login to their console system via facial recognition and instigate actions using voice commands. This facility enables the user to seamlessly switch between games, TV and apps, control video and music playback and change the channel and volume of your TV without the need to reach for or search out a traditional remote or console controller. It addition, Xbox Kinect also allows you to make Skype calls in high definition and send messages.

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