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Dig Metals and Treasures With Minelab Metal Detectors

While every metal detector may hunt different types of metal, Minelab metal detectors are premium performance models designed for specific purposes. From gold detectors to countermine ones and those that even go underwater, Minelab has metal detectors build for your tasks, and these are available on eBay.

Can metal detectors find gold?

Yes, metal detectors can detect gold underneath the ground. Some metal detectors are built with advanced detection depth and high functionality in mineralised soil. But always make sure to determine if the land you wish to hunt is federally owned, private, or patented ground.

What are the different types of Minelab metal detectors?

Minelab offers a wide array of products on eBay to cater to different purposes and customers. Some of these include:

  • Gold detectors - This product line caters to gold collectors and enthusiasts alike. The products are designed to be ground balancing, which ignores ground noise and is sensitive to all sizes of gold at depth. Some products, such as Gold Monster 1000 and GPZ 7000, are waterproof, making them good choices whatever the weather may be.
  • Treasure detectors - Minelab's treasure detectors have advanced discrimination functions to differentiate between metals so users have more chance to dig up treasures and not garbage. Their CTX 3030 for sale is designed with advanced 2D discrimination features with GPS mapping to locate treasures easier.
  • Countermine detectors - Minelab has also developed the technology for countermine operations. These detectors are rugged and reliable to withstand repeated use in harsh environments for applications in humanitarian demining, UXO clearance, and other operations.
  • Underwater use - Minelab underwater detectors go to the depths from shallow shorelines to deep-sea detection. These are useful for underwater treasure hunters and enthusiasts with products that are fully submersible from 3 metres reaching up to 60 metres.
  • Evidence recovery - Effectively detect evidence for crime scenes and recover it with this type of detector. It helps in discovering bullet casings, knives, guns, and small metal fragments in all-weather environments and extreme conditions.
What are the technologies used by metal detectors?

These are some of the technologies often used by metal detectors in order to hunt underground:

  • Pulse induction - This technology transmits and receives a series of short electrical pulses in rapid succession. The response being returned is then analysed and is often presented in a digital display.
  • Gradiometer - With this, you'll be able to determine if an object underground is mineral, metal, or a cavity. This is possible because there are two magnetic sensors in the detector's probe that analyses the signals underground.
  • Resistivity - This allows you to precisely locate precious metals and cavities deep underground. This technology can provide detailed information to depths of up to 200 metres.
  • Long range magnetic locators - This shows the user the source of the electromagnetic field up to 1000 metres around and displays the exact coordinates of the magnetic field.
  • Very low frequency - This is commonly used for locating deep treasures by sending signals out through a transmitter coil then receiving them via the receiver coil.
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