Keep Important Files Secure with a Mini USB Memory Stick

To efficiently transfer photos from your home to your office, or backup your projects while increasing your security, use a mini USB memory stick. Lightweight solutions from eBay fit easily on your key chain, so confidential files are kept on your person, without the time-consuming process of storing them on a CD.

How should you select a mini USB memory stick?

People often select a mini USB memory stick according to the type and number of files they plan to save. The smallest versions available are about 512 megabytes, and these will suit a person who only wants to save a few text files occasionally. If you need to use your portable stick every day at work, you will need something bigger, like a 1 gigabyte memory stick, and people who regularly save files that have lots of photos or videos may require a stick with a capacity of 64 gigabytes.

Are files saved on a mini USB memory stick secure?

Many people who backup their files on a mini USB memory stick do so because it is more secure than transferring files via WiFi, and they protect their files from prying eyes. Most mini USB memory sticks on eBay offer encryption features, making them vital for storing important confidential information about your job. You can protect valuable copyrighted files by getting an encrypted flash drive, which encrypts your data automatically in any hardware. These drives are designed for all operating systems, and are essential in industries where encrypted mini USB memory sticks are required to meet data protection standards established in law. These memory sticks offer the following benefits:

  • They help to keep your business compliant with industry regulations.
  • Some just require a single password that can be memorised by the members of a team to give them access to files on a drive.
  • Some sticks have tiny keys built into the flash drive that let you type a password directly on it.
Can a mini memory stick be hacked?

Memory sticks can be hacked, so users should avoid entering the password to their USB memory stick on any computer that they think may be compromised with malicious software. Use sticks that make it possible to recover all the data on an encrypted flash drive if you cannot remember your password. You may consider setting an administrator password for specific files on your mini memory stick.