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Samsung Zoom Camera Lenses

A zoom camera lens ultimately allows you to to take clear, crisp photographs of subjects that are far away. Samsung zoom camera lenses are a fantastic quality lens if you are looking to capture some amazing close up photographs with your Samsung DSLR camera . The lenses do vary in the size of focal length, however what is consistent across the Samsung camera lens range is that they all provide an excellent quality zoom lens to capture photographs that could look to similar of a professional if you get the right shot!

There are a number of zoom camera lenses to consider being wide, standard, tele and super. The camera lens you should opt for is dependent on what you are looking to photograph for example a wide zoom would be great for capturing city skyline or landscape views with a short focal length which lets you capture wider shots.

If you are hoping to capture more wildlife and nature, you'll need to be a further distance away from your subject as to not scare them away, so a long range lens such as the tele zoom would be highly beneficial.

Some common lens features to look out for within the Samsung zoom camera lens range are telephoto, aperture and focal length, all of which are highly dependent on your needs and requirements as a photographer.


Samsung telephoto lenses offer a longer focal length and zoom. This in turn helps to create a clearer magnified image and has a narrower field of view. This type of lens is ideal for close ups of small objects, wildlife and portraits of people.


These aperture zoom lenses offer constant aperture which givers users a fast shutter speed and focus control whilst the camera lens is zooming onto an object. This means photos stay in focus and clear throughout the zoom process producing high quality images. This is an important feature to have on a lens as it allows users to know that they can zoom in on, whilst being confident their photo will still be in focus.

Focal Length

Focal length is the key feature on a zoom lens and so it is important to choose the correct option for you. The focal length is the distance between the image sensor and the lens, when the subject or object is in focus and is measured in millimetres. A greater focal length means more zoom and fewer subjects in the shot. A shorter focal length will capture more scenes in the photo and a wider angle. Samsung's zoom camera lenses can range from 12 to 200mm.

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